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Corps of Auxiliary Scientific Interpreters (CICA)

The Corps of Auxiliary Scientific Interpreters (CICA) is a volunteer organization, created by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) with the purpose of facilitating collaboration with the agency in the areas of research, interpretation and environmental education. .


CICA seeks to integrate and motivate teachers and university students in environmental interpretation, education and applied science in the natural areas of Puerto Rico.

In the 1980s, CICA was known as the Corps of Auxiliary Scientific Researchers of the DRNA. At that time, the CICA offered volunteer experiences that helped create some of the best scientists and professionals that Puerto Rico has today. Currently, the CICA strengthens the role of DRNA in environmental scientific research.




-Educational, research and professional development work experiences foruniversity students 


-Experiences to enrich the school curricula of the country's teachers


-Experiences for high school students in the country

CICA facilitates collaboration between   the DRNA technicians and management officers and the universities of Puerto Rico for the development of applied science and research; and focused on the protected natural areas managed by the agency.



Scientific Volunteer Opportunities in the Northeast


-evaluation of recreational uses and behaviors in Bahía Tamarindo, Canal Luis Peña Natural Reserve, Culebra

-evaluation of recreational uses and behaviors in Cayo Icacos, Arrecifes de la Cordillera Natural Reserve 

-evaluation of recreational uses in Playa Escondida, Northeast Ecological Corridor Natural Reserve

-volunteering with the community coral reef rehabilitation project of theNGO Marine Environment Society in Bahía Tamarindo, Canal Luis Peña Natural Reserve, Culebra

Other opportunities:

-internships for environmental interpreters in the Mona Island Natural Reserve


-projects and workshops in the Aquatic Resources Education Program, and internships in management


-monitoring the recovery and release of the Puerto Rican Parakeet of Puerto Rico- Río Abajo Forest Aviary


-education of marine mammals and collaboration with the Marine Mammal Rescue Program


-education efforts on the island's endemic bats.


-management of education and interpretation of the Santa Ana Environmental Center and other community groups



-Puerto Rico Concho Toad Education Program

To join CICA, minimum hours of volunteer work and training time to participate in special projects are required.


For additional information you can visit the DRNA website and that of Facebook or send an email

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