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Collaborative management board

The management boards are multisectoral groups organized to provide advice and recommendations to the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) or the regulatory agency in charge of implementing public policy, in this case environmental, to manage and conserve duly legislated protected natural areas.The boards play an important role in facilitating communication between stakeholders, community members, non-governmental institutions, and regulatory agencies.

The multisectoral management boards provide advice for the creation and evaluation of previously validated action plans and projects, including education and outreach efforts, applied research, and enforcement of environmental laws and regulations. These groups are important in the review, evaluation of validity, and validation of actions over time, as well as promoting adaptive management processes.


In turn, by representing different sectors of interest, it provides a diversity of perspectives, expertise, experiences, to be considered in decision-making; strengthening multisectoral communication, strengthening the sense of belonging and the administration of natural resources at the local level.


In 2009, Consultores Educativos Ambientales CSP, revised the RNAC Management Plan. In 2013, as part of the collaborative efforts between the DNER and NOAA, the first management board for the nature reserve was constituted, with representation from the community in general, the Fishermen's Associations, tour operators, the municipality, the community. science and the education and outreach sector. It has evolved and now meets six to twelve times a year and is represented by ten key sectors of interest for the conservation of the biodiversity of the RNAC.

Awilda Torres

Representante Asociaciones de Pescadores

Bethsaida Colón

Representante Sector Educativo

Francisco Soto

Representante del Sector de la Comunidad Cientifica

Joel Melendez

Representante de los grupos sin fines de lucro interesados en la RNAC (ONGs)

Betsy Lopez

Representante del Municipio de Fajardo


Representante Lideres de la Comunidad

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Yilmalia Suarez

Representante Operadores de Buceo

Carolina Corral

Representante de las Marinas/comodoros

Waldemar González

Representante de los Catamaranes

Roberto Lamson

Representante alterno de Catamaranes

Gilberto Lebrón

Representante de los "Water Taxis y otros operadores autorizados"

Lucas Coluccio

Representante de los "Water Taxis y otros operadores autorizados"

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Ricardo Colón Rivera

Oficial de Manejo del Noreste- DRNA

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Alfredo Montanez Acuna



The vision of the Board for the collaborative management of the Canal Arrecifes de la Cordillera Natural Reserve (JMCRNAC) is to conserve and sustain the biodiversity and health of the natural ecosystems existing in the area, as well as its scenic beauty, through collaborative multisectoral management. , ensuring an orderly and sustainable use of marine space for educational, scientific, recreational and commercial purposes.


In this way, the rational use and sustainable development of its environmental goods and services will be promoted, which will stimulate a better quality of life for Puerto Ricans and future generations.

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