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How can I help?

How can you help conserve the Arrecifes La Cordillera Natural Reserve?


There are many ways in which you can help conserve Arrecifes La Cordillera :


1) When you go snorkeling or diving, please do not touch the corals , this kills the polyps that make up their colonies. Do not fragment or remove corals from their ecosystem.


2) If you go by boat, do not anchor on the reef or in the seagrass beds , find a sandy place or use the anchor buoys.


3) JOIN conservation efforts in the Reserve, such as informational forums, cleaning of Keys, environmental festivals, research activities and activities to improve coastal communities, among others.


4) Know what happens in the Reserve and adjacent areas, read articles, management plans and reports from environmental agencies so that you can learn about the scientific activities that take place in the Reserve.


5) Talk to other users of the Reserve, such as tour operators, researchers, scientific educators and fishermen and investigate what they have to say and how you can integrate that knowledge with what you know about the Reserve and exchange ideas.


6) Participate in the La Cordillera Reef restoration efforts.


7) When you use the Keys for recreation, please take your trash with you.


8) If you see something improper happening in the Reserve, please notify a guard from the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources. When you do activities in the water, use safety measures such as lifeguards so that you have better control of your body and protect the reef while protecting yourself. Protect what you love before it is lost ...


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