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Culebra Nature Reserve

Coasts of the reserve

For the development of the Management Plan of the Canal de Luis Pena Natural Reserve (2008), a subdivision system was created that consists of 15 natural geographic areas, using the following criteria:


- superficial extension

- bathymetry

- qualitative description of benthic habitats that compose it

- location


A total of 15 types of benthic habitats and 3 littoral communities were identified, confirming the biological importance of the Reserve and its representativeness of the marine communities for this Caribbean region.


PFO = Punta Flamenco-Peste; PCR = Carlos Rosario Beach; PTG = Punta Tamarindo Grande; also known formerly as Punta Tamarindo Recostao; BTN = Tamarindo-Nore Bay; PRA = Punta Rompeanzuelos (also known as Punta Tamarindo; BTS = Bahía Tamarindo-Sur; CEB = Cayo El Banderote (old name); PTC = Punta Tamarindo Chico; BMA = Bajo de Magoyo (old name); BTA = Bahía Tarja PME = Punta Melones; PDV = Punta de Vapor (old name); PRO = Punta Rociada, PPR = Punta Prieta (old name); LPE = Cayo Luis Peña-Este; LPS = Cayo Luis Peña-Sureste; PDE = Punta del Este (name old); ECH = El Cayito Hondo (old name); ASN = Arrecife Sin Nombre; CLP-S = Canal Luis Peña-Sur; CLP-C = Canal Luis Peña-Central; and CLP-N = Canal Luis Peña-Norte.


Source: Hernández-Delgado, E. 2003. Technical supplement to the Management Plan of the Luis Peña Canal Nature Reserve, Culebra, Puerto Rico. I. Characterization of habitats. Report submitted to the DNER.

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