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Reserve Regulation

According to the 2008 Management Plan of the Canal Luis Peña Natural Reserve, the activities allowed and prohibited are the following:


  • Commercial and recreational fisheries (including capture and extraction of fish for the aquarium trade [ornamental]) and is prohibited within the reserve boundaries (Administrative Order no. 99-15 revoked and replaced by Administrative Order no. 2003-14 of Aug 14 2003; and Fishing Regulation 6768 of Feb. 11, 2004, as amended by Regulation 6902 of Nov. 22, 2004 and Regulation 7326 of Mar. 26, 2007).


  • Diving with SCUBA equipment and with a mask and respirator is authorized , following the guidelines established in the management plan and by current regulations . Diving will be done without contact with the coral reefs and without extracting organisms of any kind. All diving will be recorded and monitored by the managing officer.


  • The providers of tourist recreational services will be allowed through special permits granted by the DNER following the procedures of Regulation 8013 of 2011.


  • Anchoring will be allowed by means of anchor buoys . The anchorage zone in the reserve is circumscribed to the southern zone, where a sand zone lies ( Puerto Rico Navigation and Aquatic Safety Law No. 430 of December 21, 2000, as amended by Law 283 of September 14, 2004 and Law No. 521 of Sept. 2004) and will only be allowed in sandy areas.


  • Surfing will be allowed in the area, taking precautions not to impact the reefs .


  • It is forbidden to leave garbage in the ZMT area adjacent to the reserve. All visitors must take their trash with them.


  • The reserve will have an acceptable limit of use or a certain load capacity for the various activities that take place in it. For this purpose, that number may not be exceeded or the driving officer must act to keep it within the acceptable limit.


  • Transit through the reserve will be regulated. Fishing is not allowed, but it will be allowed in transit from fishing boats to fishing boats , without stopping in the reserve area.


  • None of the activities prohibited by Fishing Regulation 6768 of Feb. 11 will be allowed . 2004, as amended by Regulation 6902 of Nov. 22. 2004 and Regulation 7326 of March 26. 2007.

Recreational uses in Cayo Luis Peña and its regulations.


Cayo Luis Peña is part of the Wildlife Refuge of the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS for its acronym in English). With the assistance of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) and its Body of Vigilantes, environmental regulations for the recreational public use of the key are supervised to protect its habitat and minimize environmental disturbances. Its maritime land area is administered and supervised each by the DNER and the land part by the FWF.


Regulations include:


1) You can enjoy the refuge only during the day.

2) Firearms are prohibited.

3) Campfires are prohibited.

4) Horses and the use of them to ride is prohibited in the key.

5) Camping is prohibited in the Luis Peña key.

6) The use of "all terrain" vehicles is prohibited in the key.

7) Hunting and possession of animals (live or dead) is prohibited.

8) It is forbidden to throw garbage in the key.

9) Pets must be tied up and under the control of their master at all times.

10) When publicly notified, unauthorized entry is prohibited.

11) The search or removal of objects or artifacts in the key is prohibited.

12) Removing plants, trees or wildlife is prohibited.

13) No wild or domestic animal may be taken or set free on the grounds of the refuge or Cayo Luis Peña.


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